5-8 Year Olds |Technical Development Plan

  • Playful, always moving.
  • Short attention span.
  • ‘Me’
  • Soccer is an adventure.
  • Limited ball coordination.
  • Practice should be built around ‘fun’ games.
  • Make sure every child has success.

Technical Development Areas of Focus 5-8 Year Olds 

The main areas of focus: movement education, starting the process of learning to master the ball, and developing a love for the game.

  •     Fundamental Motor Skills
  •     Agility, Balance, and Coordination
  •     Introduction to mastering the soccer ball
  •     Individual Technical Ability

Warm up: Activities will focus on body movement that can be done with or without the ball.

Main Activities: The main activities are ball control and individual problem solving. Each session should progress to a 3v3 game to small goals.

  • Example of games: Tag, Sharks & Minnows, Maze Games, move of the day
  • Each session ends with 3v3 or 4v4 games to small goals.