15-16 Year Olds |Technical Development Plan

  • Improving the technical aspects of the game under increased pressure.
  • Players should gain a deeper understanding of tactical concepts: Offensive and defensive principles, high vs. low pressure, counter attack, off-side trap, etc.
  • Improving the quality of play.
  • Players need to continue their overall body development.
  • Players need to gain a deeper understanding of their specific roles within the team.
  • Players need to be able to recognize and make tactical adjustments within the game.

The main areas of focus: developing tactical concepts of the game while continuing to develop technical abilities. Training sessions will be similar from the previous stage with the areas of focus becoming more complex.

Formation & Style of Play

  • Players will learn to play in various formations: 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, etc. 
  • Players will learn to play an Attacking/Possession based style of soccer. 
Attacking Shape
– Width & Depth
– Off the ball movement
– Ball Movement / Pattern Play
– Various ways to attack
Defensive Shape
– Pressure, cover, & balance
– Defending from front line to the back line
– Areas to force the ball
– Delay / Recover
Different ways of attack
– Down the flank
– Weak side
– Outside to the middle
– Crossing & finishing
– Combination play to goal
– Counter attack
– 1v1 to goal
Defending as team
– Defensive Shape
– Pressure, cover, and balance
– Zonal Defending
– Defending from the front to the back
– Pressing as a team
– How to delay and recover as a team
– Line of confrontation
– Using offsides & spacing to aid in defense

Age Group Areas of Focus


  • Improve on technical deficiencies.
  • Continued training on 1v1 attacking and defending techniques.
  • Technical training under game conditions.
  • Possession games with conditions to add pressure.
  • Building out of the back.
  • Midfield play.
  • Offense vs. defense.
  • Wing play and crosses.
  • Defending as a group, as a team.
  • Play in the final third of the field.
  • Passes into a target.
  • Rhythm of play.


  • Being able to make tactical adjustments according to weather conditions, field conditions, opponents and game situations.
  • Team tactics in respect to defense and offense. High pressure vs. low pressure. Man for man vs. zone. Creating numbers up situations.
  • Chalk talks.
  • Video sessions.


  • Specific strength training.
  • Specific speed training.
  • Specific endurance training.

Staff Objectives:

  • The U16 player should be able to play one and two-touch soccer.
  • The U16 player should be confident in the 1v1 duel, both defensively, as well as offensively.
  • The U16 player should understand the concepts and purpose of possession games.
  • The U16 player should show tactical understanding of defensive and attacking concepts.
  • The U16 player should show a willingness to work individually on deficiencies.