13-14 Year Olds |Technical Development Plan

  • Players need to practice the technical fundamentals under game pressure. The players need to be able to perform with more speed and under greater pressure.
  • Focus on individual deficiencies.
  • Focus on overall body development: proper warm-up and cool down.
  • Possession games: 4v2; 5v2; 5v3.
  • Players should understand the various positions on the field.
  • Players should gain an understanding of the style of play.
  • Players should gain a deeper understanding of re-starts.

Age Group Areas of Focus


  • Continue training the technical aspects of the game.
  • Continued Coerver training.
  • 5v2 possession games.
  • 5v3 possession games.
  • Attacking 1v1 situations to goal.
  • Attacking 2v1 situations. Wall pass, overlap and take-over combinations.
  • Offense vs. defense focusing on width and crosses.
  • Defense vs. offense focusing on the build-up out of the back.
  • Heading
  • Movement off the ball. When and where to run.
  • Players need to understand positional play.


  • Understanding re-start situations.
  • A better understanding of team offense and team defense.
  • A better understanding of team play through combinations, positional play and positional inter-change.


  • General running training.
  • Overall body movement training.
  • Appropriate training for endurance, power and speed.
  • Interval training.

Staff Objectives:

  • The U14 player should be able to pass and receive.
  • The U14 player should be able to dribble, change directions, show different moves.
  • The U14 player should be comfortable in the 5v2 possession game.
  • The U14 player should be able to play one and two-touch soccer.
  • The U14 player should be able to understand the principles of movement off the ball and checking to the ball.
  • The U14 player should be able to find the open player.