Scholarship Program

CSC offers scholarships based on financial need to qualified players on any of the club’s teams. Scholarship awards cover 25-50% of the membership fee (does not include uniform kit or tournaments) for families that qualify for federal free and reduced lunch programs. If your verification letter from the school district states that you qualify for reduced price meals, then you are eligible for a 25% scholarship, and if you qualify for free meals, you are eligible for a 50% scholarship. Players are encouraged to apply for scholarships if their families meet either of the following criteria or have extenuating circumstances.

Qualification A:

  • Player’s family uses federal free or reduced lunch programs in area schools.
  • Requires a copy of the school district’s free or reduced lunch verification form.

Qualification B:

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the online application form, including uploading the required verification document (school lunch program acceptance form or first page of federal tax return).  If you are unable to upload the verification document, please email it to The $100 deposit needs to be paid when completing the 2020-21 Season RegistrationThe final due date for the application, required  documentation and $100 deposit is the 2020-21 registration deadline of July 31st, 2020.  Later applications will still be considered if scholarship funds remain after being awarded to on-time applicants.

The CSC scholarship committee makes awards to qualified players after reviewing all applications confidentially. The award amounts are based on available funds and number of applicants. Parents will be notified as soon as the review process is completed.

All players receiving CSC scholarships are required to fulfill the following:

Questions? Please contact Brandy Cervantes at