Can you tell me more about your coaching staff?

Our current coaching staff with the clubs merging includes college, high school, and youth professional coaches. We have some very experienced coaches that have been at CSC for a long time, and we also have some young coaches that played for CSC that are now giving back to the club. One very exciting thing is that all High School head coaches and many of the assistants are and will be club coaches.

CSC hires and continues to search for the best possible coaches in Oregon. Our coaches have taken professional soccer licensing courses.

What is the ‘season’ and how often do CSC teams practice?

U9-U15 tryout in May and start practice in June. Teams will train twice a week during the summer taking a break the last few weeks of August and resume training when school starts. They train and play fall league and take Thanksgiving through late January off. Train and play spring league until try-outs again in May. U16-U19 teams try-out in August and then take fall off to play High School soccer. They have a secondary tryout in late November and begin practice. They play a winter and spring league and play summer tournaments stopping in early August for high school tryouts.

Where does CSC have practice?

CSC’s home field is Ashbrook Field located at Ashbrook School. However to accommodate all the teams we also practice at Willamette Park, CHS turf, Santiam Christian turf, and CV.

What kind of travel is involved?

Our younger teams play in leagues that travel around the Willamette Valley, and as they get older they will play in state wide leagues. This may involve a trip to southern or central Oregon, Salem, Portland, and Eugene.

Some of our teams will travel out of state at various times of the year to either attend College Showcases, get prepared for State Cup or the Qualifying Tournament, and gain experiences that can’t be gained in Oregon.

How do tryouts work?

U9-U15 Teams have tryouts in early May and U16-U19 Teams have tryouts in early August. Players register online for tryouts and will receive a number upon arrival at the tryout site. Players will be divided up into teams by age group and play in multiple short-sided games and full scrimmages where they will be evaluated by multiple coaches.

If you are strongly interested in being a member of CSC, it is recommended that you attend both of your age groups tryouts. By attending both sessions, you will show that CSC is the club you want to play for and gives players the best possible chance of being selected for a team in the that age group.

Our goal with CSC is to form two teams in each age group. This allows for more kids to participate in club soccer and more opportunities for kids to play soccer over the course of the year.

What if my son/daughter plays another sport?

As a club, CSC asks that players and families do their best to be at as many team events as possible. We do understand that many kids play multiple sports and this will be managed between the player and their coach. Players are not punished for being a multi-sport athlete.

Are there different levels of teams or leagues?

Teams are placed into level appropriate leagues by the Director of Coaching and the League Organizers. CSC does its best to put teams into leagues where players and team’s development can be maximized.

Why does CSC have a training uniform?

The club’s coaches decided to go with a training uniform for all of the teams. It brings a certain level of professionalism to the training environment and helps players understand that there is something different about training. Players are required to wear the training uniform at every practice.

Questions about club costs and fees?

Visit the Membership Fees page.

Questions about CSC development philosophy?

Visit the Coaching Philosophy page.