Club Values

Mission Statement

The Corvallis Soccer Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of youth through the sport of soccer.  It is led by board members, coaches, and administrators with the talents and passion to create a first class youth soccer environment.

Club Values

The philosophy of Corvallis Soccer Club (CSC) is to use both personal and soccer development to build a positive community with families in Corvallis and the surrounding area.

Community. Culture. Passion. Inspiration.

These four areas are paramount to the teaching of the CSC staff.  We are not involved simply to teach the fundamentals of soccer, but also to guide the youth in our community to live by these values.


  • Club First: A strong club is a platform for individual and group success
  • Club Representation: Proud to positively represent our club
  • Giving back: Community involvement, increase the impact of our experience
  • Selfless: Put ‘me’ aside and care for those around us


  • Respect Each Other: Teammates, opponents, officials, staff…. everyone
  • Safety: Member health and well-being always the top priority
  • Confidence: Take charge, make an impact
  • Humility: Win and lose with grace
  • Responsibility: Accountable for our role in all situations


  • Enjoy the game: play, watch, teach, and learn
  • Take Risk: ‘Go for it’ with courage and bravery
  • Compete: In practice and games, for oneself, and club mates
  • Dedicate: Be your best
  • Strive for Excellence: work hard when nobody is watching


  • Lead the way: Don’t stand by, help the situation
  • Mentor: Everyone has attributes to share
  • Role Model: Positive inspiration to others in the community
  • Create: Support and encourage expression of self
  • Impact: Make decisions, impact situations