Functional Numbering System 4-3-3 |Technical Development Plan

#9 – Center Forward: Target or False Nine Target: Play High, Hold Up Play, Link to MF  False Nine: Drop into MF as an ACM at times

#11/7 – Wingers – Good 1v1 taking players on, provide width and overloads, quality service from wide, stretch defenses at times – defensively: force play central, double back wide

#10 – Attacking Playmaker (Maestro), Dangerous passer, link backs to Forwards, Stop counters, combine to get forward, good 1v1 players, defensively – stop counters, force opponent to play to specific parts of the field to recover ball

#8 – Center Midfielder – can play defensively (double pivot) or higher up the field as another attacking center mid (single pivot). High quality passer, high soccer IQ to unbalance defenses, control tempo/rhythm

#6 – Defensive/Holding Midfielder – link backs to midfield, control tempo/rhythm, play outside backs into game, wide range of passing abilities, solid 1v1 defender, stop counters, distribute

#3/2 – Outside Backs – provide width in attack, combine to get forward, link to 6, 8, 10, 9, 7/11, change point of attack, get up and down the flank

#5/4 – Center Backs – high quality technically, able to keep possession in numbers up situations, confident to play out of back, stay connected to one another

#1 – GK – play off line, always an option to reset attack, high quality of passing with both feet myriad distances, confident on the ball, typical keeper duties (shot stopping, distribution, organization), vocal organizer.

Functional Numbering of Field Positions