System of Play |Technical Development Plan

9v9 – CSC Preferred:


This formation best prepares players to move on to a 4-3-3 formation once they get to 11v11. Like the 4-3-3 this system can have many variations such as a 3-2-2-1 for example. It provides good height and width and highlights the importance of distribution from the central areas of the field. The space out wide is obvious so it is also a good system when encouraging defenders to go forward and join the attack and wingers when to track back and support the two center midfielder.


3-3-2 (3-3-1-1)

This system is similar to a 4-4-2 formation. This formation provides good balance between attack and defense. Midfields can get forward and create overloads with the two forwards as can a defender come up into midfield either wide or centrally. The flexibility of this system makes it very useful when you want to start deeper and encourage your players to get forward which is a lot easier than the other way around.

11v11 – CSC Preferred:

The 4-3-3 and its variations of 4-1-2-3, 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 are the most common systems of play today. This formation provides 9 players behind the ball when defending and multiple options for how to support your forward(s) when attacking. The wingers can stay wide and high or track back, or one tracks and one does not. This can either give you more cover or make you more dangerous when in transition when you win the ball. This formation and its variations provide varying levels (based on variation) of protection for your two central defenders. As with the 4-4-2, the outside defenders can act as attacking wide midfielders when the team is in possession to support the center midfielders and wingers.


The 4-4-2 is traditionally one of the most common systems played. The formation provides eight players behind the ball when defending and four players ready to support the two forwards when attacking. The two wide midfielders are used as wingers, providing automatic width to the midfield shape. The use of four defenders adds more compactness and balance in the back. Either the sweeper (U10 or younger) or the flat back four system can be utilized.

If you have another system that you would like to use contact the Club Director.