Coach questions for team evaluation |Technical Development Plan

Consider the three main moments in a game:

  • We have possession
  • The opponent has possession
  • Transition from offense to defense and from defense to offense.

When we are in Possession:

  • Does everyone understand that the objective of the game is to score goals?
  • Are we making it difficult for the opponent to defend?
  • Do we use all the space on the field? Width as well as depth?
  • Are we making the opponent chase the ball?
  • Are we getting the right players in scoring situations?
  • Is there proper movement when we have the ball?
  • Does every player understand his or her role when we have the ball?
  • Are players creating space for each other by moving in and out of space?
  • Are we playing the ball deep when appropriate?
  • Are we using the wide players and are we getting crosses in front of the goal?
  • Are we using the goalkeeper in the build-up?
  • Is our build-up too fast or too slow?
  • How is the quality of the pass?
  • Is there too much dribbling?
  • Are we switching the field?
  • Are we getting players out of the back involved in the offense?
  • Are we taking advantage of 1 vs. 1 situations?
  • Are the players communicating and coaching each other?

When the Opponents are in Possession:

  • Are we collectively pressuring the ball immediately?
  • Are we marking up?
  • Are we making it difficult for the opponent to start their offense?
  • Are we winning the 1 vs. 1 battles?
  • Is the spacing between the players correct?
  • Are we making too many fouls?
  • Are we taking away opponents time and space?
  • Do we have pressure and cover around the ball?
  • Are we communicating and coaching each other on the field?
  • Are we aggressive in winning the 1 vs. 1 battles and loose balls?
  • Is our goalkeeper directing and organizing out of the back?

The Transition from Offense to Defense:

  • How do we lose the ball? (Short pass, long pass, dribble, etc)
  • Do the players react quickly during the transition?
  • Is there immediate pressure on the ball?
  • Are we organized as a team?

The Transition from Defense to Offense:

  • Are we looking to go forward immediately?
  • Are we looking to keep the ball in the team?
  • Are we looking to slow down the play, or speed up the play?