8-10 Year Olds |Technical Development Plan

  • Are better in a group.
  • Still a limited attention span.
  • Will pick up new skills rather quick.
  • Will learn when coached properly.
  • Practices should still be built around ‘fun’ games.
  • Lots of touches on the ball. Lots of repetitions.

Technical Development Areas of Focus 8-10 Year Olds

The main areas of focus: mastering the ball, learning how to train properly, and creating a foundation for the training environment we want to cultivate across the entire club.

Warm up:  Focus on different variations of ball control and continuing to develop body movement.

Main Activities: The main activities are developing ball control while learning how to problem solve individually and with teammates. Each session ends with small sided games to goals.  

Activities: Different variations of shooting, passing & dribbling. Each activity can build into more difficult variations or progressions that help to develop technical abilities & combinational play.  

  • Example of games: 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 4v4
  • Games can be played to end lines or with multiple goals.
  • Each session ends with small sided games to goals.