17-18 Year Olds |Technical Development Plan

  • Continue fine-tuning the technical aspects of the game.
  • Players should be getting familiar with pattern play.
  • Players should train on individual technical and tactical functions of the game.
  • Game analysis and game specific training.
  • Continue to develop the strength, speed and fitness aspects of the game.

The final phase of player preparation aims to maximize player performance in all aspects of the game. A player’s capacities are becoming fully established while training to peak for major competitions. Training is characterized by high intensity and relatively high volume with frequent periods of rest.

Areas of Focus in addition to Training to Complete Phase

  •     Ability to improvise within game situations
  •     Independent decision-making
  •     Further development and refinement of soccer specific skills
  •     Automatic and consistent performance of soccer specific skills
  •     Development of effective competition strategies and ability to adjust within games
  •     Successful tactics, strategies, and necessary variations needed to win games
  •     The importance of variation/options on set-pieces in attack & defense
  •     Maintenance of physical capabilities with the view of maximizing performance
  •     Well-developed, refined and individualized mental skills and routines
  •     Frequent prophylactic (preventative) breaks

Age Group Areas of Focus


  • Fine tuning the technical elements of the game under match conditions.
  • Training should be with speed under pressure.
  • Continued improvement in the 1v1 duels.
  • Specific individual training for attackers, midfielders and defenders.
  • Possession games.
  • Building out of the back.
  • Midfield play.
  • Team defense.
  • Crosses.


  • Being able to play from different formations.
  • Playing the result.
  • Rhythm of play. 
  • Players need to be able to analyze their own play.
  • Players need to be able to deal with individual and group criticism.


  • Continued specific endurance, speed, strength and power training.
  • Players should try to reach their peak performance level.

Final Suggestions for the Coach

  • When communicating with the players be positive, keep it simple and be specific.
  • When communicating with the players, make eye contact with each player.
  • Speak in a calm voice.
  • Let the players make decisions during the game. Provide input at natural stoppages and at half time.
  • In general, the majority of game feedback should be given at the next training session with the team.