10-13 Age Group |Technical Development Plan

The main areas of focus: continuation of mastering the ball and learning principles of play. Players transition into a Training to Train Phase now that a foundation has been set from previous years of playing.

New tactical concepts: Principle of Attacking & Principles of Defending. Several of these principles are very complicated and at this stage of development the focus is creating a foundation based on these principles.

  • Principles of Attacking: Penetration, providing support, movement off the ball, width & depth, and improvisation/creativity.
  • Principles of Defending: pressure & cover, delaying, balance/team shape, compactness, control & restraint (not diving in), and counter attack.

Warm up: Games or activities that work on different variations of ball control and team problem solving.

Main Activities: Games focus on individual and team problem solving. Players work on mastering activities learned from previous years and expanding on those activities with more complexity.  Each session should end with small sided games to goals.

Activities: Different variations of passing & dribbling. Each activity will be building into higher level variations to improve technical abilities, combinational play, and problem solving.

  • Example of games: 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2, 4v3, 6v6
  • Games can be played to end lines or with multiple goals (4 or 6 goal games).
  • Possession games with and without neutral players
  • Introducing principles of attacking & defending
    • Switching the point of attack, playing out of the back, width & depth
    • pressure and cover, where to force the ball, not diving in.  

Each session ends with small sided games to goals.