Eliminating lines, laps and lectures |Coaches Manual

Eliminating lines, laps and lectures means:

  • Having players stand in lines waiting for their turn generally indicates an inappropriate activity. If players are standing and not moving the activity will not keep their interest.
  • Running laps, especially without a ball, is a waste of time. All practice activities should take place on the field, preferably with a ball.
  • Lectures should be left for the classroom. Children come to practice to be active and participate, not to be talked to for extended periods of time.

Often, coaches design activities that focus on determining a winner. These activities typically involve elements that lead to players being eliminated from the activity. Those eliminated first are players who usually need the most work on technique and decision-making. Design activities that keep all players engaged throughout the length of the activity. Eliminate elimination games!!


The use of physical activity such as laps, push-ups, sit-ups etc., as punishment for misbehavior is an inappropriate method of discipline. Players will come to believe that physical training is actually a form of punishment. Players need to understand the importance of fitness and making them run when there is a behavior problem is counter to what you what to develop. When the consequences warrant, short-term exclusion from the activity will often get a positive result.