Coaching Staff |Coaches Manual

The CSC Coaching Staff

  • The Club Director will assign the Teams’ Head Coaches. The CD will try to appoint an assistant coach for each age group whenever possible. If you have a specific need or requirement please communicate this immediately.
  • Through the club our coaches will have the opportunity to participate in OYSA ‘E’ and ‘D’ Coaching Courses and NSCAA Coaching Courses.
  • CSC coaches are required to acquire their ‘D’ License after their first season of coaching, and their ‘C’ License after their third year of coaching.
  • If a coach is put through a course by the club they must remain with the club for at least a full season after the course. If the coach leaves the club on his/her own within that time they will be required to repay the club for 50% of the course cost.
  • Assistant Coaches will often begin in a volunteer capacity to gain experience. Other coaches with more experience may be hired as assistant coaches.
  • There will be quarterly meetings, which coaches must attend.
  • All our coaches should conduct their team’s training sessions according to the club’s vision.
  • All our teams should play according to the club’s vision.