Olympic Development Program |Coaches Manual

The OYSA’s ODP program is designed to identify, train and provide competition for the state’s top soccer players ages 13 through 18.

The ODP is a national program, which was designed to identify the outstanding youth players throughout the country and to develop the top players at the national, regional and state levels.

OYSA administers ODP in the state. Through a selection process, state teams are formed and enter into competition with other states in Region IV. Through interstate competition and summer camps, regional teams are selected. The four regional teams then come together for competition where they are showcased for the national team coaches.

What do ODP players do?

Players are asked to attend all training sessions. Players should be serious about their participation and should be committed to team competition as well as achieving selection to regional camp. ODP players participate in training sessions as well as games.

What are Regional Camps?

The regional camps are designed to provide high level competition and training and to identify those players as to qualify for higher level of play and coaching. From this group a regional ODP team is selected.

What are the benefits of ODP participation?

Player development, high level coaching, quality competition, exposure to regional, national coaches and collegiate coaches.

Why should I participate in Timbers/Thorns RTC/ODP?

The RTC and ODP programs are your pathway to soccer success at the highest levels. The Timbers and Thorns use these programs to identify the top players in the state to participate in the Timbers and Thorns Academy teams. Timbers/Thorns RTC/ODP gives players the chance at a young age to participate in a major league development program. Around the world, player development starts as young as 5-years old in the top clubs. The Timbers/Thorns goal is to develop players here in the state with the idea of identifying homegrown talent for the first-team on both the Timbers and Thorns someday.